Internal Complaints

Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College is committed to provide safe academic and working environment to all girl students and women employees. As per the guidelines of Supreme Court, UGC, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013, an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on Sexual Harassment has been established by the college in the year of 2015. This committee has been constituted under the policy prevention and punishment for sexual harassment of women at workplace.

Mechanism and Composition of ICC on Sexual Harassment

  • 1. The mechanism for registering complaints should be safe, accessible and sensitive.
  • 2. A complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment may be lodged by the victim or a third party.
  • 3. If the complaint wishes she can be accompanied by a representative.
  • 4. All complaints made to any committee member must be received and recorded by the member, who shall then inform the chairperson about the complaint, who in turn shall call for a meeting of the committee.
  • 5. Within three days of the receipt of a complaint, the ICC on Sexual Harassment must determine whether a prima facie case of sexual harassment is made out. It shall carefully consider the complaint and may hear the complaint and the defendant and/or any other relevant person to determine whether an enquiry by the committee is to be instituted. If the committee considers it necessary to hear the defendant at the preliminary stage it shall start the enquiry process.
  • 6. If the committee against sexual harassment decides not to conduct an enquiry into a complaint it shall record the reasons for the same in the minutes of the committee meeting. The committee shall make the same available to the complainant in writing.
  • 7. If the committee finds an employee of the Institute involved in sexual harassment of the complaint, then immediately it recommended disciplinary action in the form of dismissal and any other relevant mechanism.
  • 8. If the committee finds a student of the Institute is involved in sexual harassment of the complainant, it can recommended disciplinary action in the form of suspension for a specific period of time or expulsion from the institution..

The Compositions of ICC on sexual harassment for this academic year 2021-22 is as follows

Name & Designation Position in ICC Gender Mobile E-Mail Office Number
Mrs. S. Devaki
Sr. G.Lecturer / Chemistry
Presiding Officer Female 9566985070 9566985070
Dr. D. Gopalakrishnan
Faculty Member Male 9865220164 9865220164
Mrs. V. Niranjana Devi
Sr. G Lecturer / EEE
Faculty Member Female 8825746700 9994359830
Mrs. N. Ushanandhini
Sr. G. Lecturer / CSE
Faculty Member Female 9843022665 9843022665
Dr. G. P. Godhanavalli
Motivational Speaker & Social Activist
Non official member
(Familiar with sexual harassment issues)
Female 9952255533 9842253212
Mrs. V. Sathya
Exam Cell clerk
Female 8608011513 8608011513
Mr. P. Prakash
Record Clerk
Male 9894471224 9894471224
Ms. K. Jeevika Student Female 9360453573 9360453573
Ms. V. Soniya Student Female 6379480354 6379480354
Ms. S. Preethi Student Female 9994705943 9994705943
Mr. S. Ajay Gowtham Student Male 7373332500 7373332500